Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Nonpartisan Television Cartoon Classic!

The Animated Administration of
James Norcross, a.k.a. Super President
presented by

Written by Kevin Scott Collier
48 pages / 8x10 size / $7.95
"The Animated Administration of James Norcross, a.k.a. Super President" is a new book presented by Cartoon Research written by Kevin Scott Collier. The book takes a whimsical and historic look at the DePatie-Freleng television cartoon series that aired on NBC Saturday mornings.
The series presented the adventures of President James Norcross (who was also the costumed superhero Super President) and his sidekick Jerry Sales in their mission to battle world evil. The series also included an additional cartoon adventure each show, Spy Shadow.
"The Animated Administration of James Norcross, a.k.a. Super President" features commentary by series character designer and animator Art Leonardi, and Jerry Beck, Cartoon Research founder, historian, and author. The book features many pages of original artwork, model sheets by Leonardi, and series episode descriptions issued by United Artists at the launch of the cartoon.
   The book also examines who James Norcross and Jerry Sales were as individuals, their strengths, and weaknesses, and how the "Super President," frequently called "the worst TV cartoon of all-time" has gained a grain of forgiveness and a cult following over the decades.

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Author Kevin Scott Collier writes an animation book series for Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research organization and is an animation history columnist for Animation World Network. Kevin also is the author of many other titles featuring classic films, history, and personalities. See all of the other Cartoon Research books hereFollow the author on Facebook here! Visit the Author's Homepage here!